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A trip to the Steam Railroading Institute!

Took a trip to Owosso, MI today, and the Steam Railroading Institute there. Home of the Pere Marquette #1225, steam locomotive used as a model for the Polar Express. I got to crawl around underneath her and get all filthy and covered with machine oil and grease. It was great!

More pics under the cut! A boatload, actually. You have been warned.

The crossing outside the institute. I can never pass up the chance to take a pic of a crossing.

The skeletal, rusting wheel truck and drivers of a steam engine waiting for its turn at restoration.

An old signal patiently waiting to also be restored.

Views of the turntable pit and of and from the turntable itself.

The coupler from a caboose.

The C&O logo on an old flatcar. New paintjob. Go C&O!

The only time in my life I think a flash has enhanced a pic I took. An old, reflective railroad crossing sign.

And now, #1225 herself! She was in the machine shop for repairs on her trailing truck, so I wasn't able to get a good whole shot of her, but I got some amazing closeups!

She has such a wide, rusty iron grin!

And a birthmark, too!

Closeups of pipes and valves. Don't touch the red one!

And every pic I took of her drivewheels seemed a piece of art in and of itself. They were taller than me. Pics just don't give the scale justice.

And lastly, my hand after I grabbed hold of her tender coupling to pull myself up from underneath.

I have never had so much fun in my life. That was amazing. Hope you enjoyed too.

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